Sofia {Mask}


Sofia {Mask}


Sofia is a soft blue and pink floral print perfect for a feminine look

Our masks consist of 2 layers plus a filter
The fabric used is 100% cotton
Measurement for ladies is 25cm x 17cm
Elastic bands are attached which fit around the ears


Please note while our masks are there to protect you from airborne particles please note that this mask will not stop you from contracting Covid-19.  It will however help you to not cough or sneeze on others and also serve as a reminder to not touch your nose or mouth. Lens Love can not be held liable should someone contract the Covid-19 virus while claiming to have used one of our masks. Further to this these are not medical masks. Washing of mask should be done before first use as well as after every single use. We encourage you to purchase more than one mask so as to rotate between masks. We are applying strict hygiene measures while making our masks, however please be advised that you should still be washing the mask once you have received it. Please ensure your mask fits snugly over your nose and mouth and once you have carefully removed it place it in the wash and sanitize or wash your hands for the recommended 20 seconds with soap and hot water. Turnaround time average of 3 working days and your mask will be delivered within South Africa by a local courier.

Please follow all other government guidelines in accordance with Covid-19

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